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3 Years (Max 5 Years)




£1,000 per 20 credits

Course leader

Rachael Major


This programme is being phased out and The Institute is no longer recruiting to it. Go to to view New Masters Programme commencing September 2021

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This Programme is quality assured by Middlesex University and the student will receive a Middlesex University award on successful completion.


Why study MA Professional Practice at The Institute?

This Masters level programme will offer post-graduate development opportunities to health and social care professionals who have been educated to degree level at the point of registration, or have subsequently obtained a degree in their chosen profession.   This will enable practitioners to meet the standards set for advanced roles within practice, education and management which clearly indicate that staff require the skills and knowledge associated with Masters Level.  Successful completion will support the student to become flexible, capable practitioners who can lead change and respond to the complex forces impacting on the dynamic face of health and social care.


Course content

What will you study on the MA Professional Practice ?

Advancing Professional Practice 1: concepts and theories (20 credits)
This module aims to provide the student with an opportunity to explore the key theories and concepts underpinning advanced practice within the fields of health and social care. This module, which is generic in nature is aimed at students who wish to extend their practice to an advanced level within their field as it considers the legal, ethical and professional dimensions of their practice. 

Advancing Professional Practice 2: extending expertise (20 credits)
This module provides the opportunity for the student to extend their practice-based expertise from their current level of proficiency towards a higher level of expertise within their practice area on the achievement of predetermined competencies related to their role.
This module, which is generic in nature, requires that the student to relate the core competencies to their own specific role, thus each student will need to meet their learning needs in different ways depending on the specific skills they will need to develop in order to extend their own area of expertise. 

Applied Leadership (20 credits)
This module has been designed to enable individuals to further develop and apply their leadership skills within the context of health and social care delivery. The module content will build on the principles of leadership and management by enabling the student to consider how their sphere of influence contributes to the wider organisational agenda and the delivery of high quality services. Students will be expected to critically reflect on their ability to lead others, think strategically and to promote excellence in service delivery.

Extended Project (60 credits)
This modules enables the student to implement a project proposal which generates new insights into, and supports the development of a specific aspect of practice. By completing this project, the student will develop their project management skills which can be applied to a number of different contexts associated with research and practice development.
The extended project can take the form of any one of the following formats:

  • A small scale pilot study
  • A service improvement project
  • An audit.

Policy, Strategy and Planning (20 credits)
This module has been designed to enable the student to gain insight into how health and social care policy is developed, implemented and evaluated within the international, national and local context. Students will develop the ability to critically analyse health and social care policy and consider how this is used to shape national and local strategy and use this working knowledge to write a business plan to redevelop an aspect of their practice using approved organisational templates. This business plan is then (usually) used to implement a service development within their sphere of responsibility.

Research and Development Methods (20 credits)
The aim of this module is to provide the student with the opportunity to build on their existing knowledge of research methodologies and methods to develop a proposal for a small scale study or a service improvement project. It has been designed for students preparing for the extended project module of the MA in professional practice pathway, and students will be expected to apply their knowledge of research methodologies and methods to design a project which uses a systematic approach to inform the development of a specific aspect of professional practice.

Teaching, Learning and Assessment 1 (20 credits)
This module has been designed for students wishing to support learners and to develop their knowledge and skills in teaching and assessment to an advanced level. This module can be taken as a stand-alone module or as the first part of a pathway to a recognised teaching qualification.

Teaching, Learning and Assessment 2 (20 credits)
This module aims to provide the student with the opportunity to develop their expertise in curriculum development and recognise the importance of quality assurance in post-compulsory education. Students wishing to completed this module should have completed Teaching, Learning and Assessment 1 or an equivalent beforehand and forms part of a pathway leading to a recognised teaching qualification. 


How is the MA Professional Practice taught?

Teaching is classroom based and via an electronic learning environment, with extensive independent study required

Additional features to this course:
Group work will be used throughout the programme to enable students to share their experiences and perceptions, to share good practice and discuss challenges faced within set time frames
Skills and Practical Workshops will focus on developing clinical skills and abilities utilising underpinning theory. You will have the opportunity to practice and rehearse within secure and safe environments such as skills laboratories

Individual and Group tutorials may be used to provide individual or a small group tutorial to support you

Lectures will introduce key information, concepts and theories. When used they will be followed up with seminars and group work to ensure clarity and understanding of the concepts introduced, and to maximise the integration of theory and practice

Extended Project

The course includes several workshops on different aspects of writing an extended project from academics teaching on this programme who have produced high-quality, internationally-known research.

All modules are assessed through coursework, which can be a combination of individual and/or group work and presentations.

Entry requirements

Most students wishing to apply will be expected to hold a minimum of a lower second class (2.2) honours degree in health and /or social care, and hold a professional registration in one of these fields. Students from other professional groups are also able to participate in the Leadership pathways within this programme.

Consideration will be given to applicants who have extensive experience and can demonstrate that they have the equivalent 'graduate level' skills by virtue of this experience. These individuals will be expected to have completed a level 6 research related module. Details of how to access the programme through an alternative route can be found in the RPL guidelines which are available upon request from the Programme Administrator.

In addition to these academic requirements, students are required to have support from their line manager, as the assessment processes require students to integrate their learning and assessment tasks with the development of practice.

Fees and funding

£1,000 for a 20 credit unit

£2,000 for a 40 credit unit

£3,000 for a 60 credit unit

Funding may be available for States of Guernsey employees. Please discuss with your manager. 


How can the MA Professional Practice support your career?

It is anticipated that completion of this course will enable graduates to meet the criteria to perform advanced and leadership roles within their field of practice.  

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